Dominic Ciaccia

By Rob DPiazza

Dominic Ciaccia

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Dom Ciaccia

Session musician from Rochester NY, Dominic has recorded drum tracks for more than 2 dozen artist and current plays live in 2 separate bands. Extremely Technical and in the "pocket" Dominic has been highly sought after to lay down beats for numerous artist across the US, you can tell he feels right at home behind his kit.

His experience inside the world of music has allowed him to establish a name for himself as one of the best drummers in Western NY. His ability to transition seamlessly from genre to genre grabbed our attention instantly. Seeing him play everything from jazz to hard rock, he is truly a showman and a master of his craft. 

Never being satisfied with his own abilities, Dominic continues to evolve his playing styles and is constantly recreating rhythm structures and putting his own flair on them. we are truly excited to have Dominic represent our brand.