Two friends who found each other through Crossfit came together to form Recon Rings. The story goes something like this.

Tom was telling the tale to Stephen about how he witnessed a buddy lose his finger while deployed in Iraq, because a wedding band got caught on a door. 

The Storyteller Edition
When we last left our young Tom Tartaglia, he was deployed with his unit in Iraq. While on patrol, his team mate stumbled coming out of a LAV, grabbed for the door, and suffered a severe ring avulsion, removing his finger when it caught on his wedding band.

Tom and his team sprung into action, knocking his friend out, grabbing the ring and escaping to the nearest base trying to save their friend's finger. 

Fast forward to present day. Tom marries Lisa, knowing that he will need to find a better ring to profess his love and keep his fingers. 

The story of the team “on patrol” evolved to being “on recon”, which became the name of the brand.  

Today Recon Rings is veteran owned company producing their high quality brand of silicone wedding bands for active individuals.