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Roughneck GENESIS Beard Maximizer

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The beard care industry has NEVER seen anything like this!

We all know that beard oils, balms, and waxes add and lock in moisture, but what kind of moisture do you want to lock in? Why not lock in moisture that will give your beard the maximum benefit? 

Announcing: Roughneck Genesis.

A priming mist of aloe vera and natural glycerin, infused with biotin, MSM, and vitamin b12.

-Aloe Vera softens hair beautifully while carrying the added nutrients and speeding the absorption of the good stuff!

-Biotin, when used topically, absorbs locally and directly impacts the speed and health of new facial hair growth.

-MSM is the scientific name for naturally occurring sulphur, which the body uses to create keratin and collagen, resulting in stronger, thicker hair. Keratin can be “over-applied”, resulting in brittle hair. MSM lets your body decide how much create, keep hair strong but healthy.

-B12 absorbs into the hair and follicles, and is then used by the body to create new red blood cells, strengthening and making the follicle more active.

-Natural glycerin bonds to the hair and actually pulls moisture into the strands all day.

This natural fortifying mist, when used daily, will make your beard the healthiest it’s ever been, and WILL promote faster, healthier growth, GUARANTEED.  We believe in it that much.

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, results may vary and genetics are the #1 factor in facial hair growth!  This is a priming and fortifying mist, not a miracle potion!  It is a supplement spray containing ingredients long known to the hair care industry to promote faster growth, while providing tons of nutritional benefit to the hair and follicle.  IT’S SCIENCE, NOT MAGIC!

Just spray enough to moisten beard before oil or balm application everyday, and watch your beard become amazing.

Estimated 2 month supply based on 7-10 sprays per day!